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Friday, 2018-10-19

Welcome to Sauna Ratgeber

Sauna: quality of life - energy - fitness!

The opposites of hot and cold - of stimulation and relaxation - have been fascinating people around the world for thousands of years.

This newly created internet presence is dedicated to this fascination and would like to personally inform you precisely and explicitly about the world of saunas, infrared cabins and its modern and numerous possibilities of health and wellness as well as provide you with tips and news!

Sauna - Paar

Sauna bathing - culture of years

The term "sauna" is derived from the Finnish language and roughly translated means "sweating bath".

Sauna - bathing: Trend like never before

: From the first quarter of the 20th century on, there was a continuous increase in newly opened and operated  - and especially public - institutions called "sauna" in Germany. 

Sauna - Paar

Infraredlight - energy

Infrared cabins or also called infrared heat cabins play an increasing role in the area of saunas, as their effect is less of a strain to the body (gentle to the blood circulation).

Many die-hard sauna fans are very sceptical about this sort of warm bathing / body cleansing, users of this sort of sauna however are almost enthusiastic about the direct heating up by radiation which is based on the sunlight.

Infrarotkabinen - Infrarotwärmekabine

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