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Thursday, 2017-03-23

Sauna stones

The probably most important heat reservoir detail for saunas, nicely positioned on top of the heater (little stones underneath, larger stones on top) - the sauna stones:

Classic, round stones (no dust and no crumbs, the dousing liquid is evenly spread) Olivindiabas (plutonic rock)

  • Sauna granite
  • Soap stone

Due to the extreme heating up to several hundreds of degrees of the stones and the shock-like cooling by dousing them these can easily splinter and should be exchanged within a period of 1.5 to 2.5 years in a private sauna.

Specially formed sauna stones with a mold for fragrances, essences and essential oils are beautiful and practical eyecatchers.

Bucket and ladle

.....made from wood (for example larch, bucket with a plastic cover inside) - very precious if made from olive tree wood, copper, synthetic material or steel.

Buckets are available for dousing, as washbowl or warm foot bath. Ladles are fashioned with tumblers of different sizes (f. ex a big water ladle, a small fragrance ladle, etc.)


Brushes made of plant material: The most well-known of these are sisal massage and - care brushes for the pleasant purification of the body and enhancing of the blood circulation. These brushes can be used additionally for dry brushing at any time.

Animal hair: Goat's hair (soft) is used for facial brushes, horse's hair for hair brushes (head massage) and body brushes and boar's hair for massage brushes.

Sauna brushes usually have a wooden handle and are suitable for high temperatures. A wooden brush with knobs is usually available in every sauna  for effective massage.


Especially for sauna sessions, an effective hygiene inside the cabins is highly necessary. For the general cleaning following every sauna session, a damp cloth (not wet) is enough to clean large surfaces. Chalk deposits on the heater and on the stones can be removed with a brush.

Special desinfectants for sauna, sanarium, infrared cabin or steam bath, to be obtained from a specialist shop, should be used regularly for optimal results.

Apart from exact regulations of use, please look out for bio-degradeability and effective removal of fat and bacteria etc.

Following the cleaning, each cabin should undergo proper airing.



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