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Friday, 2017-03-24


More and more whirlpools are being added to public saunas. A whirlpool is perfect for some time in cool water between the sauna sessions. But also in your private dwellings, the installation of a whirlpool can bring about many advantages an can also be included in a bath tub.

Basically, manufacturers thus distinguish between these models of installation:

  • Whirlpool - integrated inside the actual bathtub
  • Whirlpool - as independent bath with several seats (can also be obtained for outside use)
  • Whirlpool - inside a public swimming bath

Whirlpool variations

So-called whirpool-spas are available in different, partly quite futuristic designs for inside and outside areas. They usually offer room for 2 - 8 persons, children's seats are often slightly heightened.

This sort of whirlpools allows for a few hydro-therapeutic kneippisms, amongst others massages, Shiatsu, and in addition coloured light therapy, scent impressions or dimensions of sound. Via an integrated control panel, temperature, massage nozzles etc. can be controlled individually.

It is recommended to do a test bathing session which is offered by many suppliers before the purchase and to become familiar with the different varieties of equipment. This guarantees a choice orientated on personal needs.


Good bathtub-whirlpools have a massage- (sides and back-/foot nozzles), air bubble- as well as a surge system. (Control)

An integrated hygiene system (disinfection) allows for perfect cleansing - also of the nozzles and tubes. For optimal well-being inside the bathtub, a fitted heating system is responsible which can be easily supervised by temperature control (on average 35-45 °C).

Additional equipment such as coloured under water lights, external TV- and HiFi connections or an additional phone line etc. are available at any time with luxurious models. The price range therefore is from about 300 Euros (the simple DIY-type) to 15,000 Euros (branded product incl. special equipment).

Whirlpool-swimming pool

Swimming pool-spas are the most luxurious of whirlpools. They are available in most public swimming baths, but rather seldom in private households due to their size.

With this type, hydrotherapy is the most important factor on the one hand, and on the other the healthy joy of swimming. Within its basic equipment it is similar to other models. However, physical fitness can additionally be exercised perfectly due to the activation of a countercurrent.



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